For over 90 years, the Parkway Church of God has stood at the crossroads of the Delmarva Peninsula as a beacon of the love and hope that is found in Jesus Christ.  Our mission is to stand for the principles found in the Bible, while also working toward making a positive impact in our city, our state, and our nation.  Join us!

Being a part of your community and its history means doing all you can!

getting involved

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Our Mission

Life has its ups and downs.  Sometimes you're up on the mountain, but other times you're down in the valley.  No matter what you're going through, God's word always has the answer.

As part of the Church of God International, we are represent a worldwide organization that seeks to spread the message and ministry of Jesus Christ to every person.  We are a part of our community, so get to know us!

We all lead very busy lives.  All of the obligations that we have can seem daunting and fill every moment of our lives.  It's important to take time to learn or to make a difference in your community!

There's Always something happening Here!

our church in action

  • Feeding the hungry in Wicomico County and beyond
  • Working with local schools to provide classroom supplies for teachers
  • Hospital visits for the ill
  • Home visits for the elderly/disabled
  • Supporting missionaries in Haiti, Paraguay, and Israel
  • Providing counseling to individuals and couples
  • Providing learning opportunities for children and teens in a safe, positive environment
  • Partnering with other churches and ministries to foster real change