Is WORK a Four-Letter Word?

“Put your heart and soul into every activity you do, as though you are doing it for the Lord himself and not merely for others.”  ~ Colossians 3:23, TPT
The title of the today’s article comes in the form of a question.  I asked it that way to draw attention to an important subject matter.  Work!  Each week the average adult spends nearly 40% of his or her waking hours working.  Given that work occupies so much of our time, it would be rational to expect that God cares about what we produce during those hours and how we go about producing it.  In fact, He does.  Scripture tell us God Himself worked and that He has entrusted us with important work.   The word WORK has four letters but it is not imbued with a foul connotation. 
Work, in general, is good.  After all, it was ordained by God.   Scripture tells us that everything God creates is, in and of itself, good (see James 1:17).  Work done well brings a sense of personal accomplishment as we put our God-given talents and abilities to use. When our work helps others, it becomes a way to serve them.  God, in effect, designed work so that it might be a blessing to us and to others.  The baker who makes bread is a blessing to his customers.  The salesperson is a blessing to her customers by guiding them to find the best product or service that meets their needs.  The teacher who educates his students is a blessing to them. In each of these examples, the worker likely experiences the joy that comes from doing work that produces something good that benefits others.
On a practical level, work is good because the wages we earn help us meet our financial responsibilities to support our family members, the Church and people God brings to our attention who are in need.  Throughout the Bible, we see passages that condemn people who are capable of working and have the opportunity to work but don’t because of laziness (for example, see Proverbs 10:4; 2 Thessalonians 3:10-12).  For society, work is also good in that it contributes to bringing order out of chaos so that people are more likely to experience shalom, a Hebrew word which means a state of flourishing.  When we do work that serves others, we experience joy and contentment from knowing our work matters. 
So I want you this Labor Day weekend to take a different slant on how you view work.  We often see the drudgery of our work.  The hours spent.  The tasks performed.  The routine becomes monotonous.  But God wants us to see HIM in our work!  God wants you to see the opportunities to be involved with HIM on a greater scale.  Your work does matter!  It matters to God!  It matters to HIS kingdom. 
How people see your attitude about work can impress or negate your testimony as a fully developing follower of Jesus Christ.  After all we are to put our heart and soul into every activity including our work!

~Pastor Greg

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