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Parkway Classes

We whole heartedly believe that we should continually strengthen our relationship with Christ. That is why we offer Parkway Classes. These classes are specifically designed and chosen to help you along your journey, wherever you may be. Each and every class is taught by one of our Parkway Staff Members or a Parkway Volunteer.


Why Classes?
“Never Stop Learning, Because God Never Stops Teaching.”
– Pastor Greg
The Bible says that God is continually working on us, and that’s why we offer classes. These classes designed and selected to help you grow into the Christ follower that God wants you to be.
Where Should I Start?
 There are so many different way to connect with classes, and no matter where you are in your journey, there is a class tailored for you.
If you are new to Parkway we recommend our FOCUS classes. They are a great way to strengthen your walk with Christ wherever you are in life.
Who Takes Classes?
Everyone takes classes. From our full time Staff members to the newest faces at Parkway, young and old alike… There is a class for everyone!
It’s great way to meet new faces and learn practical ways to implement Biblical principals in your life!

Classes Offered

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Life Focus Classes

Life Focus Classes are offered once every 3 months throughout the year. Led by Pastor Greg, this 4 part series of classes covers a different topic in each time you meet. You’ll learn how to partner with the church, maximize your spiritual growth, find you purpose and serve within that purpose, and how to share your story with others so that more may come to know Christ.

Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University is a class that is offered every fall at Parkway. It is a 9 week course teaching how to handle money according to Biblical principles. This course is consists of a short video session led by Dave Ramsey, and break out sessions led by a Parkway volunteer. We believe that being a good steward of what God has given us is important. That is why we offer this class.

Sunday School

Sunday School consists of multiple classes for all age groups. From 10:00-10:45am every Sunday people just like you meet at Parkway in small groups to learn and grow in their walk with Christ. Sunday School is a great way to initially get plugged in at Parkway, and meet new people who are just as passionate about Jesus. These classes cover a variety of topics that are practical and easily applied to everyday life.

Bible Study

Bible Study is a class that is offered every week on Wednesday Night @ 7pm. This class, like Sunday School, covers many different topics. Each topic is brought to you in new and unique way, and by different teachers. This brings a healthy diversity and fresh perspective to this class, and to your spiritual growth.