Choose to Embrace the Mystery of Life

Just as I moved past them, I encountered him.  I found the one I adore!  I caught him and fastened myself to him, refusing to be feeble in my heart again.  Now I’ll bring him back to the temple within where I was given new birth–into my innermost parts, the place of conceiving.”  ~Song of Solomon 3:4, TPT

The book of the Song of Solomon finds a message of intimacy ignited.  The conversation between lovers in the Holy Scripture is descriptive and passionate.  It awakens love and fires up the mingling of souls. 

The scripture used in today’s article speaks of the greatest intimacy.   An encounter with the one adored.  Anchored to the one adored.  Secured in the one adored.  So much so, that the heart is no longer incompetent.  The new birth experience of our past has come alive again from the embrace of love.  The conception of trust, joy, and peace in our relationship with God has brought about a new fire of love.

Conception:  An origin or new beginning.  A design or plan.  Maybe this last quarter of 2019 can bring to you a new beginning . . . a purpose and plan.

God would speak to us today and tell us that life has its demands.  Trials may come and blessings as well.  But He must remain the focus.   He will fill every void and enhance every joy.  He watches over us.  He whispers to us.  He never leaves us, whether we are in a depressed mood or not.  God enjoys walking alongside you.  He enjoys the mundane tasks that you participate in.  He awaits your invitation.  He wants you to encounter Him and fasten yourself to Him. 

God wants us to choose Him when the distractions arise.  When fear grips our souls.  When people reject us.  When isolation strangles us.  When laughter has been lost and we forget the One who fills us with inner joy. 

Choose to love God.  Choose to love others.  Choose the path of peace even when it leads through pain.  God says, “Believe in Me.  Believe that I have the power to answer your prayers.  But I also have the wisdom to decline them.”  God will teach you through all the moments of life about His amazing love and grace. 

Choose today to embrace the mystery of life with God.  Walk out the remainder of this year in an empowered love.  Let intimacy with God take you to a new spiritual understanding.

                                                                                 ~Pastor Greg

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