You Can Overcome Family Stress

All families deal with stress at one time or another. With the images of “perfect” families we so often see in magazines and on TV, parents and children can begin to develop unrealistic expectations for both themselves and their family members.

What does stress do to families?
Every family reacts different to stress, but some of the most common effects include:
  • Arguments, fighting and other poor communication skills
  • Fatigue, health problems and general exhaustion because of busy schedules
  • Confusion (especially in children) about relationships with other family                 members
  • More dependence on food, alcohol and other substances
Why doesn’t anyone else seem stressed?

They must be hiding it! Just as all families experience different effects of stress, they also deal with stress in different ways.  We’ve all seen children acting out at a busy grocery store or a couple arguing over finances.  But families can react in different ways. Some might stop communicating at all, while others communicate only by fighting and arguing.


It’s important to remember that your family is not alone!  Today’s family is dealing with busy schedules, high costs and long to-do lists, all natural triggers for more stress!


If your family gets stressed out, that’s okay!  The important thing is how you choose to handle the stress.   Work together as a family to fight stress.


Make the decision this year to help your family be less stressed with greater happiness together.  If too many activities and events start to stress your family out, put a stop to it. Work together as a family to prioritize (and trim) your to-do list, get things done and enjoy time together.  You and your children will be much happier with the results, and begin again a less-stressed, more connected family.  Why not concentrate on how much time you are spending with your family rather than on how much money can I spend on them.  


And don’t leave God out of the equation.  Remember Jesus said, “Come to be, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”  ~ Matthew 11:28


~ Pastor Greg

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