What Matters to God … Final Thoughts

“Among the gods there is none like YOU, O Lord; neither are there any works like YOUR works.  All nations whom YOU have made shall come and worship before YOU, O Lord, and shall glorify YOUR name.  For YOU are great and do wondrous deeds; YOU are God alone.”
~ (Psalm 86:8-10)


Worship always begins in the heart as a direct response to God’s mercy and moves towards physical actions.


Here are some ways that we can glorify our God:


  • Through our thoughts. The psalmist said, “The fool has said in his heart there is no God.”  In contrast worshipers realize that God is always aware, (Omniscient).  HE is always involved, (Omnipresent).  HE is always working things out for our good, and HIS glory, (Omnipotent).  God needs to be a preeminent in our thought processes.  Remember, HE is the great “I AM.”  HE is unshakable, unchanging, and an ever-present reality.


  • Through our love. True worshipers do more than just think about God.  They love HIM, (Mark 12:30).  What we love most will determine what we genuinely worship.  Love speaks of the desires and motives behind our relationship with God.  It means you want more of God.  You enjoy HIS presence.  You treasure your relationship with Christ.  You long for the move of the Holy Spirit in your lives.  When we love something we attach worth to it.  We are saying this is worthy of our time, our thoughts, our labors and our affection.  When we truly love God it persuades others that God is desirable, good and satisfying.  Loving God means you exalt HIM.


  • Through our faith. Faith is not only a doorway into the Christian life but an ongoing expression of our trust in God.  The purpose of faith is not to secure health and wealth in the hear and now but to remind ourselves that in Jesus Christ, God has already given us everything (1 Cor. 3:21-23; Eph. 1:3).  Exercising faith puts both power and wisdom on display.  I love this verse from Job’s experience and conversation with God when life was going wrong for him.


“I know that YOU do all things, and that no purpose of YOURS can be thwarted” ~ Job 42:2


This list of how we can exalt and magnify God can go on and on.  I trust that this is just the beginning of your own personal worship revival. 


~ Pastor Greg

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